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Guildford Poets Press announces, with regret, that the final edition of WEYFARERS, edition 115, has now been published.

The first edition was published in January 1972. It was to be published quarterly for an annual subscription of £ 1, post free. An editorial note said that 'The enormous output of verse at varying levels of literacy is a phenomenon of our age' and that 'there are still not enough platforms for those who have something intelligible, intelligent and entertaining to say'.

These words well describe the background which has guided successive editors of the magazine through its next 114 editions.

The use of a panel of editors, editing successive editions in turn, has helped to broaden the basis of poem selection. One of the contributors to the first edition was Julian Nangle and we are delighted to include a new poem from him in the final edition.

The Reviews have been a major feature in later years and Stella Stocker has included a valedictory note about this work in it.

Copies of recent back numbers are available at a price of £ 3.50, post free from Weyfarers, 9 Copse Edge, Elstead, Godalming, Surrey GU8 6DJ if paid by a cheque drawn on a UK bank for delivery in Europe, otherwise at rates published on weyfarers.com.

Weyfarers, 9 September 2014.

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